Bet365 is a US based online gaming company that has been operating since 2000. The bet365 gaming platform offers a full suite of services including Sports, Casino, Poker, Bingo and more. In this review, I will document my personal experience of signing up and playing at the Bet365 Sportsbook and provide instructions so you can do the same!

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How to Register for a Bet365 Account

I went through the process of setting up a new bet365 account, depositing into that account, and placing some sports bets, and I’ll show you how you can do the same.

To register for an account at Bet365 you will need to be a resident of the US or one of the allowed countries, such as the neighboring EU countries. Bet365 has a strict policy for allowing only legal residents within these regions to create an account. After the sign-up process you will need to provide proof of identity with an ID card and an Identity Document.

To begin the registration process, click on the button above. This will take you to the landing page for the promotion. Here you will be able to read the full terms.

The Bet Credit can only be used at the Bet365 Sports website. This means you will not be able to use it to play games at the Bet365’s Casino, Poker, Live Casino, Games, Poker, Vegas or Bingo specific websites.

On this page, click on the yellow “View Latest Odds” button. Just to note, the wording may be different and say something similar to “Join”. This will take you to the sign-up form to open your account.

Bet365 Sign-Up Form to Open Account


The information required is standard information that will be used to verify your identity. You will need to provide real information about yourself to be able to make a deposit and withdraw money. Bet365 will ask for proof of identity later on. If you plan to stake a wager for a chance to win real money make sure enter your your real information to prevent any headaches later. Here is the information needed to create your account.

Country of Residence: US or allowed EU country
Personal Information: Title, First Name, Surname, Date of Birth
Contact Information: Email Address, Contact Number
Address: House number/name, Flat Number, Postcode

Create Login: Username, Password, Confirm Password
Security: 4-digit Security Number, Confirm 4-digit Security Number
Preferences: Timezone, Odds Display, Bonus Code

Enter Bet365 Bonus Code


Enter the promo code CBC365 and make a deposit of at least $5.

You will also need to agree that you are over 18 years of age and accept Bet365’s Terms & Condition, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and the Bet365 “age verification” and “Know Your Customer” policies.

Once you are done press the “Join bet365” button.


Account Verification

After you create your account, you will need to verify your identity. You should see a pop-up asking you to verify yourself with their “Know Your Customer” validator. You will need to complete this step in order to make a deposit.

“Know Your Customer” Validation Tool


Here there will be two steps you will need to complete. Both will ask you to upload proof of identification.

STEP 1 – Upload Your Identity Document


You will have a choice to upload a photocopy of your a) Passport, b) Driving License or c) ID card. The choice is up to you. If you do not have any of the above, you will not be able verify your identity.

STEP 2 – Upload Your Supporting Document


For step 2, you will need to a photocopy of your a) credit card billing statement b) banking statement or c) utility bill. For these documents, you must choose one that is as recent as 3 months and not an expired credit card. Similar to step 1, if you can’t provide this information, Bet365 will not validate your identity.

Once Bet365 verifies your identity, you will be allowed to make a deposit and access the rest of their website without any restrictions. It will also allow to access their other websites for their Bet365 Casino, Bet365 Bingo, and other games specific websites.


How to Make a Deposit at the Cashier

Once you have been approved and verified by Bet365, you can make your deposit and claim the CBC365 bonus code.

To make a deposit, on the top menu bar on the right side you will see the “Deposit” link.

Click “Deposit” Link


You can also access it by click on your profile icon, which will open up a drop down menu with another “Deposit” link. Either of these will take you to the deposit page and then click on the “Bank” tab.

Deposit – Bank


At the Bank tab, you will be able to select the source you want to use to fund your deposit. You will be able to pick Debit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Cheque and other options. Depending which option you choose, there will be additional info you need to provide about the funding source, like card number, expiration date, etc.

Deposit Funding Information


Next you will need to select the amount you wish to deposit. If you want to claim the offer code CBC365 to receive a 100% Match Bonus, you can enter it on this page. Next enter your password and then press the “Make Deposit” button to start the funding transaction. Once the process is complete , your account should receive the deposit and the Bonus Credits, if you claimed one.

Deposit Options


For all deposit options, Bet365 does not charge a fee. The processing time, minimum deposit and funding option will vary depending on which funding source you choose. To see all the options, check out the image above. We will go over the 3 most popular ones briefly.

Credit & Debit Cards: The processing time is instant and has a minimum deposit amount of $10 and a $20,000 maximum amount. For Debit Cards you can use Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

Apple Pay & Google Pay: The processing time is instant and has a minimum deposit amount of $5 and a $5,000 maximum amount.

Paypal: The processing time is instant and has a minimum deposit amount of $10 and a $5,500 maximum amount.


Sports Wagers Available at Bet365

Bet365 gives you access to many of the main sports you would find at the Sportsbook. All your favorite US and Euroleague matches. For those that like to access Professional Leagues across the Pond, you will be able to stake on many US pro leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL and MLB to name a few. You will also be allowed to wager on college sporting matches like NCAA Football and Basketball. For you horse racing fans, you will have access to the US and South African horse tracks as well.

Here is a list of some of the sports available at Bet365 Sport that you can place wagers on. The list of available matches in Leagues may change due to leagues being in season or offseason.

  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing/MMA
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motor Sports: Formula 1, Nascar, Rally & Motorbikes
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • eSports
  • and many more…


How to Navigate the Sports Betting Options

We will walk you through how to choose a sport and how to play some of the popular sports.

To begin, head to the Lobby of the Bet365 Sports website. On the left side you will a list of all available games. Some sports may not be in season, or some sports leagues may not have a game scheduled.

Bet365 Lobby


In middle of the page are the main games that are available for that day. For the screenshot above, you will see the Cricket and Tennis matches available on that day. Next we will begin by click on a sport, for this example we will select “Tennis” from the left sidebar.

Bet365 Sports – Tennis Matches for Today


Here you will see the current Tennis Tournaments and the list of Matches that are in process or scheduled later in the day. For all live games, there will be Live scoring and even showing the current set score. To see specifics of the event, click on the match.

Bet365 Sports – Tennis Match Live Scoring


Here you will see more details of the Match as it is going on. Which gives you the player the opportunity to keep track of your different bets while the game is going. You will also be able to change matches or sports, on the left sidebar menu.


How to Place Sports Bets

Now that you know how to drill down to details for match events. We will show you how to place a bet when you view the schedule, so that you can add it to your Bet Slip. For this example we will use matches from a European Soccer League.

Bet365 Sports – Schedule of Games


To see the schedule of all games for the day, you can also click on the “Schedule” Link in the menu bar. This will show you the League, the Match, the time and if the match is Live.

Bet365 Sports – Add a Match to your Bet Slip


Bet365 Sportsbook makes it easy for you to place a wager and add stakes to your Bet Slip. From the schedule, you will see the match and the odds for each opponent. If you see a match you want to place a wager on, select who you are betting based on the odds. The selection will become gray, indicating it was added to your Bet Slip. If you decide to not bet on that match anymore, just click on it again and it will be removed from your Bet Slip.

Bet365 Sports – Manage Your Bet Slip


Once you add matches to your Bet Slip, you will be allowed to add or adjust the amount you want to wager on each match. The Bet Slip is at the bottom of the page in a minimized tab. Once you click on it, it will expand the Slip pop-up. What’s great about the way Bet365 handles their Bet Slip is that you will see all of your planned wagers are on the same pop-up window. For each match you can edit the amount you want to stake. When you edit your Slip, the page does not refresh, so everything is seamless without any interruptions.

If you want to add more matches to your Slip, just minimize the pop-up and keep adding more matches. As you add matches to your Slip, you will see the Slip, at the bottom of the page, keep updating the total matches on your Slip. When you are ready to place your wager on the newly added matches, click the Bet Slip on the bottom, as you did earlier.

Bet365 Sports – Live Updates on Odds


Bet365 has Live updates on the odds for matches. If the odds change while you are editing your Slip, it will update them in green and show a notification on the Slip. You will have an option to accept the odds changes for the affected matches, by clicking on the “Accept Changes” button.

To remove a match from your Bet Slip, just press the “X” button on the left of the match. You can also press “Remove All” to clean your Slip of all matches and start over.

Once you added stakes to all your matches on your Bet Slip and accepted any changes to the odds. Submit your Slip and your account balance will be deducted, to cover the total amount of your Slip.


Place a Bet Slip on Mobile Device

Full functionality of the Bet365 software is allowed through the Mobile Device Web Browser.

Placing a Bet Slip on Mobile Device

(Left: Choose your matches, Middle: Make your stakes, Right: Place your bet slip)


As you can see, the layout is similar to that for the full desktop web browser layout. You will not lose any functionality, but you gain the advantage to place a bet while you are on the go or last minute while you’re out at a pub.


Change Your Odds Format

Bet365 gives players the option to change the format how the odds appear while they are viewing the schedule. You will have the option to choose 1) Fractional 2) Decimal 3) American 4) American/Fractional

Change Odds Format

Change Odds Format – Fractional

Change Odds Format – Decimal

Change Odds Format – Aercian

Change Odds Format – American Fractional


How to make a withdrawal

To make a withdrawal head to Bank tab of the Deposit page. Then select the “Withdraw” tab.

Withdrawal Options


Here you will be able to make your withdrawal and choose from the options listed above. We will go over the two most popular options. For all withdrawal Bet365 does not charge a fee. Check with your funding source to see if they will charge a fee for processing this transaction.

Debit Cards: Processing time is 1 to 5 Banking Days. When you request a payout, there is a minimum payout request of $5 and a maximum request of $20,000.

Paypal: Processing time is 2 to 10 Banking Days. When you request a payout, there is a minimum payout request of $20 and a maximum request of $5,500.


Bet365 Sections & Features

We will walk you through the various sections and features of the Bet365 website that may be interesting to you.


Live Streaming

Bet365 Sports has live streaming for desktop and mobile devices, including your Mobile phone or tablet.

Live Streaming


Available streams throughout the year include top matches from Grand Slam Tennis Tournament, European Soccer Leagues and every US & Irish horse race. 1000s of Horse races in the US, South African and Australia will also be available for watching. To view click on the Live Stream Link

To be able to watch live sports, you must have a Bet365 account and funded it with a deposit or placed a wager in the last 24 hours. For horse race selections, you must place a bet of at least $0.50 win or $0.25 each way.

Once you have met the criteria to watch, click on the “In-Play” link at the top menu. Available events will have a “Play” icon. Just click on that and you will be able to watch if there is an event going on. For horse races, viewing is usually available two minutes before the start.

Depending on your country, you may be able to view all of the horse races. This usually does not affect the UK, Ireland or EU countries.


Account Profile

Your Bet365 Profile will be the same across all the Bet365 Websites. Whether you sign into the Bet365 Sport or Bet365 Casino, the login and profile information will be same across all the Bet365 network.

To see your account profile. Click on the “Profile” icon on the top menu, on the right side. This will open up the Profile Menu.

Your Profile Menu


You will see your username and the status of your funds for your Bet365 Sports account. This includes your Withdrawable Balance and your Bet Credits.

If you want to make a deposit, you can do so here by clicking on the “Deposit” button.

Here you will be able to access information about your Account, Messages, Members, Bank, History, Promotions, to name some of the options.

To find out about current promotions going on at Bet365, you can do so here by clicking on the “Promotions” link.

If you want to logout of your account, you can do so from here.


Account Balances

To see your Balances for all the Bet365 websites, go to the top menu and click on the Deposit link or in your profile menu. On this page there is a “Balance” tab. Click on this to view your Balances across all the different Bet365 subset of game websites.

Bet365 Balances


Currently, you will Balance info for Bet365 Sports, Bet365 Casino, Bet365 Poker and Bet365 Games/Bingo/Vegas.

Each section will show the Bet Credit/Bonus Balance, the Withdrawable Balance and the Total.

Bet365 Transfer


If you want to make a transfer between the different Bet365 accounts, go back to “Bank” and select the “Transfer” button. Here you will select which Bet365 account you want to “Transfer From”, in the dropdown, and where you to “Transfer To”, in the dropdown. Next you will select the Amount you wish to transfer between the two accounts. Press the “Transfer” button to transfer money between the two accounts.


Play on a Web Browser, App or Software

To play Bet365 Sports you can access their software through various desktop platforms and mobile devices.


Bet365 Web Browser

If your desktop PC has a web browser with Flash enabled you will be able to access the Bet365 Casino website with full functionality, including playing games.

You will also able to use your mobile devices web browser for full functionality.


Bet365 Standalone Software

For those looking for standalone software for their desktop PC, Bet365 only offers the software for Windows computer.


Bet365 Mobile App

If you use a mobile phone or table, and your device runs Android or Apple iOS, the is a mobile app available that you can download from your device’s App Store.

Mobile Device Web Browser Layout

(Left: Bet365 Sport Lobby, Center: Sport schedule, Right: Place a bet)


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